Forex Introduction by JS Global FX

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Join us in the Wonderful World of Forex! – Join us on the 18-20th of March 2018 in London, Canary Wharf


*Most Forex Education centres are focused on making money whereas our objective is to educate people that Forex is all about lifestyle and wealth management.
*Our Forex Business & Lifestyle Entrepreneurship Blue print has been developed to educate private investors on how to use our successful money-making strategies to secure their desired lifestyle.

Do you want to create long lasting wealth?

*You will receive our proven & tested Forex Success Blue Print. It will teach you how to make money in the markets and how to stay financially independent.
*Our Forex Money Blue Print guarantees you a total wealth & lifestyle transformation.
*Our Forex Money Blue Print includes Psychology and Self-Mastery training.

Are you tired to rely on other people or organisations for your financial well-being?

*Our vision is to empower people by giving them the exact blueprint that will give them the power and the authority to create their own financial independence and well-being without having to rely on the government, society or family for that matter.

Do you want to be a successful Money Manager?

*JS Global FX will supply you with a Success Blue Print together with the right wealth management tools to become your own successful Asset and Wealth Manager.
*JS Global FX believes that Forex trading creates a lifestyle that includes financial well-being and total transformation of the person. *JS Global FX focuses on Forex, Psychology, Self-Mastery and Wealth Management. Mastering your Psychology will allow you to manage the Forex markets without fear or greed. Self-mastery will allow you to master the aspects of the self which consists of body, mind and soul. The key to success is Self-Mastery. If you can master yourself you can master the markets and everything else for that matter.

Our packages secure you to create your own financial well-being while teaching you how to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul aspects. Our objective is to help you to rejuvenate your soul, while nourishing your body and empowering your mind amidst an awe-inspiring experience.

Life & Wealth Mastery unites highly motivated achievers with advanced instructors in finance, productivity and personal development to create a truly immersive, trans-formative experience unlike any traditional training.

Life & Wealth Mastery are great experiences that allows transformation in all areas of the aspect of the self.

Your gateway to Financial Success

If you are looking for a total lifestyle transformation, then you have come to the right place. Take a quantum leap and let us show you how to model and master the different successful strategies of the wealthy in order for you to become financially free. More importantly let us show you how to build long lasting wealth.

Our courses are based on working on the Body, Mind and Soul to achieve optimal changes and results in your life…

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Forex Introduction by JS Global FX

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