Bitcoin/Ether New Highs | F2Pool Ditches Segwit2x | REAL ICO

Crypto made waves in the market yet again today, with Bitcoin and Ethereum each reaching new highs ($4800/$390 respectively).

F2Pool today withdrew support for the coming Segregated Witness 2x upgrade citing worries about multiple blockchain splits. Other mining pools remain committed to SegWit2x in hopes that it does manage to optmize the protocol, making BTC easier to use and mine, and more reliable moving forward. Miner support remains at 85% (assuming Slush Pool, yet undecided, backs out), down from ~97% at the beginning of August.

REAL (Real Estate Asset edger) ICO launched today with great success! In the first 60 minutes over 15,000 Ether were sent to purchase REAL tokens which will provide investment capital that will guide the project forward. This investment builds on the 25,000 Ether raised in the pre-sale which capped out in a matter of hours. At the current price, this represents over $15 million, and we’ve only just begun!

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REAL (Real Estate Asset Ledger Website:

Donation Wallets:
Ether 0x2580e51643897d7f217E7850B66C88e630212693

Bitcoin: 1Bn8o4HQof19LM7t2667J7SU9LXfKqFgEd

Dogecoin: DDNa5znqK1nzDDKCcykyFc9WuAnuDqJUCt

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Bitcoin/Ether New Highs | F2Pool Ditches Segwit2x | REAL ICO

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