August 31st Cryptocurrency News Round-Up- Bitcoin Climbs Back Over $4,600

The most popular cryptocurrency fell under $4,500 yesterday, but as you can see it has been climbing again over the past few hours all the way to $4625 it then dropped a little and is currently just around the $4,600 level. Moving over to Bitcoin Cash, it surpassed $600 yesterday and today it remains under this level.

So let’s see what is happening in Russia. Well, the Russian government is coming around to the idea of cryptocurrency trading, with the aim of regulating cryptocurrency trading soon, but it still remains skeptical claiming that it wants to protect the general public/. A spokesperson for the Moscow Exchange told Russian news agency TASS that “The platform would allow trading cryptocurrencies and their derivatives; the trade in form of Exchange Trade Funds would also be possible. Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister told Rossiya 24 that the Moscow Exchange will allow “protection of the rights of buyers and sellers,” as well as guarantee the execution of contracts, if one of the parties to the transaction turns out to be unfair. He said that the finance ministry wants to limit access and will only be given to “qualified investors.”  The person would need to have at least $100,000 on their account, with at least 40 transactions a year or work for at least two years in a financial institution that traded securities. Also hitting headlines recently was Burger King in Russia as it has apparently launched its own cryptocurrency called Whoppercoin. According to the BBC, Customers will be able to claim one coin for every rouble they spend on the Whopper sandwich. Russians will be able to purchase a Whopper with the virtual cash, once they have collected 1,700 whoppercoins. The company is expected to release Apple and Android apps next month so people can save, share and trade their wallet full of whoppercoins.

So now let’s take a look at some of the cryptocurrencies which the viewers requested. /Let’s start with bitcoinnect, which is an open source all in one bitcoin and crypto community platform. It is in 15th place with a market cap of $867. On August 25th the price fell to $48, it later jumped to $136 on August 26th, it fell on Monday below $100 but since then the price has been pretty steady and it is currently around $132. Lisk, which is currently in 17th place with a market cap of $664 million. It recently hit a record high but it remains a very cheap cryptocurrency as the price is currently just under $6. Lisk is a Blockchain application platform, which was established last year. Based on its own Blockchain network and token LSK, Lisk will enable developers to create, distribute and manage decentralized Blockchain applications by deploying their own sidechain linked to the Lisk network, including a custom token. Lisk aims to make Blockchain technology more accessible with an SDK written in JavaScript, special focus on user experience, developer support and in-depth documentation. Moving over to Dogecoin, which was introduced in 2013 to the cryptocurrency world as a joke with the face of Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu as its mascot! Dogecoin has tried to set itself apart with this fun and friendly community attitude. Dogecoin is currently in 35th place with a market cap of over $234 million.
Well that’s it for today, but tomorrow we will take a look at some other alt coins. Bye for now.

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August 31st Cryptocurrency News Round-Up- Bitcoin Climbs Back Over $4,600

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